Skincare in Summer is most important:

Summer is really heart quenching for beautiful skin lovers. The main issue with Summer is dehydration. Normal water drinking volume is not enough to meet the water requirement for the body to keep it normal. The minute variation in water requirement level for the body makes it visible on the skin. So obviously,it affects your flawless skin perception.

Dryness, rashes, white dead cells, and many other things gives head ache for you.
The best way to get rid of these nightmare is good skincare in summer.

Most of all the prime importance is for your water intake. It can be in the form of fruit juices, plane water and medicated water. The acceptable fruit juices during the summer is Apple, Grapes, Avocado, Lemon, etc to maintain the PH of your body fluid.

Proper food intake is compulsory to keep your skin healthy during the dry season. Along with Fruit juices, Fruit bites should be included in the diet to keep you fresh always.

Even though, with proper food and drinks, still we need to give external care for the skin to protect from the heat outside. If you let the skin to manage the heat, it will give more tired look, and subsequently aging effect will be appearing. This is the reason why the significance of proper external skincare is recommended.

Along with Proper food and water intake, prominent brands for skincare also recommended here.

First let us start with the Facial wash:

Dermatologist recommended Maxon soft white facial wash is one of the best product to remove dirt and debris easily to be added in a normal skincare routine.
If you have acne skin, We recommend to use, Maxon Purederm facial wash.
If you have dry skin, We recommend to use, Maxon hydramax facial wash.


To remove the make up, best choice is Glowradiance Micellar water. If you look for a cost effective treat, the best choice, Maxon hydramax cleansing tonic, which in turn good for dry skin as well.

Other Facial wash brands, are Glowradiance and Joelle Paris.

After proper facial wash, it is time to next step:

During the summer, it is common that our facial skin get oxidative and looks dark in the facial soft tissue. To solve this issue, an antioxidant serum is required to keep it fresh looking. For this, basharashop recommends, Maxon soft white serum.
If you look for antiageing result as well, then the best choice is Maxon colladerm Serum.



Third step to for summer skincare routine:
Obviously we need a cream base to put the make up and if this should be with proper ingredients for brightened look, we ever choose it. As the bright look is the ultimate aim, the best choice is Glowradiance Whity cream, with its luxurious ingredients give the exact result you look forward. For the cost effective choice, it is good to choose Maxon soft white cream.


Forth Step and final step in a session:
Most important issue for a skin in the summer season is Sun Tan. The skin darkening due to Sunlight exposure due to its heat and harmful radiations. So everyone prefer to use an effective sun protection method to cope up with this situation.
Obviously Best sun protection cream from a luxurious brand can give u effective result you desire. Glowradiance shield cream is a best shield by its name, against the Sun exposure.
For the cost effective cream, Maxon MAX100 in different variation is available.