Deal with Breakouts:


Its common headache for all women to see the flawless skin with sudden unexpected breakouts. Flawless skin is the biggest desire for any women than a lightened skin. Because,this affects your confidence and your face highly noticeable with acne for others.

The common solution for this is always healthy diet and proper water intake.

But sometime, we need to do something extra to externally to keep the skin flawless always.


What are the factors affecting the Acne breakouts:

1.Healthy Diet: Primary consideration is for the healthy diet and greens in your intake and proper water consumption.

2.Hormonal Changes: Sometimes, the hormonal changes in your body can affect the sudden breakouts. Especially for ladies! During the near dates of their monthly cycle, Acne and breakout are common due to the elevated level of hormones. This is commonly called PMS.

Even though the core reason reach at the Food intake and water along with Proper body exercise.

3. Proper cleanliness: Wash your face daily to control the sebum secretion of your facial skin is another method to avoid the bacterial infections and fungal attacks on your face.

4. Body Exercise: Daily 20min exercise is recommended for everyone, especially those having less physical exerts in their daily routine to have perfect oxygen supply in every parts of body.

5. Meet the Doctor: You need to reach a dermatologist to take proper medications if you can not find a solution for acne and breakouts with Food, water, proper cleanliness and body exercise.


Basharashop recommends here some routines to follow as a solution for you acne.

Step 1: Wash your face with MAXON Pure derm Facial Wash: It gives you solution to remove the debris, dirt, and oiliness specially designed for acne skin.


You can use Glowradiance Pura wash for a luxurious result. We have also facial washes in Joelle paris brand as well.



Step 2: Pat to Dry and Apply Maxon Purederm Cream. Twice a day. For an internal result we recommend to use Glowradiance Whity Powder. Mix it with a glass of water or juice and have it before your meal.



Step 3: For better treatment, You can use Glowradiance whity cream before you go to sleep.